Celtic & American Folk Music and Dance Festival

A unique sampler
featuring the music of
Scapa Flow,
Fiddle & Feet,
Craig Herbertson
and Quest

Scapa Flow
  1. I Will Go/Hogtie's [4:20]
  2. Jock o' Hazeldean [4:00]
  3. Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother/
       Gallagher's March/The Gallowglass/
       Hiudaí Gallagher's March (Jig)/
       Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife [4:44]
  4. The Marchioness of Huntly/Dusky Meadows/
       Lady Glenorchy (Strathspeys & Reel) [3.29]
Craig Herbertson
  5. The Lullaby of Scotland [3:08]
  6. Bonnie Lassie O (The Shearin's Not for You) [2:30]
Fiddle & Feet
  7. Cotton-Eyed Joe/Boatman [2:39]
  8. Crossing to Ireland [2:45]
  9. Half Past Four [2:20]
10. Arkansas Traveller [3:05]
Craig Herbertson
11. Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon [3:03]
12. The Banks o' the Lee [4.04]
Quest & Friends
13. Welcome Home Gráinne (March, Jig & Reel) [4:52]
14. Maigret in Morpeth (Waltz) [3:24]
15. Miss Drummond of Perth (Strathspey)/Highland/
       Niel Gow's Highland/Saltón de Meres ("Reel") [3:51]
16. Iomramh eadar Il' a's Uibhist (Rowing from Islay to Uist)/
       The Source of Spey (Strathspey)/The Drunken Tinker/
       The New Ships are Sailing [6:03]
17. Con Cassidy's Slip Jig (The Cock and the Hen)/
       The Humours of Whisky/James Byrne's Slip Jig/
       Rip the Calico (Reel) [4:22]

Celtic Life

Original soundtrack from the unique dance musical.
21 tracks of contemporary traditional and original tunes and songs

Recordings by individual band members

Craig Herbertson


Lord of Whisky

Craig's brand-new CD
released 31st March 2006

  1. Lord O Whisky
  2. Ace of Clubs
  3. The Fish
  4. Jock Stewart
  5. Nancy Whisky
  6. Drink
  7. Old Erin's Daughter
  8. Scapa Flow
  9. The Wallace
10. Angels Share
11. East of Aberdeen
12. Lady Whisky
13. London Exile
14. The Parting Glass

You can't grow up in Scotland without encountering the water of life, whisky. I confess that I've drunk my self senseless occasionally but not on whisky. You can't approach whisky like that. It's more than an alcoholic beverage. It's a way of life. As one whisky taster told me. "Whisky is successive series of emotional waves as affecting as the lilt of Gaelic singing". For me whisky has always been about stories: Glass of double malt in one hand, fiddles resting on the table, the sounds of the session still circling like swallows in your head. One of the company will take a deep contented breath and say "I was once ...". The stories need not be true but they are often based on some truth. For example, the The Fish is a 'true' story, told by my eldest brother. I was there when he left at night and came home at six in the morning with the trout. By the time I was telling the tale the sea trout had become a salmon. For the rest you have to judge for yourself. Whisky is not supplied with the album but it's highly recommended.

Slàinte mhath

All songs can be downloaded » here «.

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Craig Herbertson and Edward Westerdale


Hearts of Glory

Songs and tunes from the heart of Midlothian

  1. McCrae's March (traditional)
  2. Johnnie Cope (Adam Skirving)
  3. The Old Masters Set:
       Master Francis Sitwell (Nathaniel Gow)/
       Welcome Whisky Back Again (Niel Gow)/
       Mrs Forbes of Leith (James Scott Skinner)
  4. Bonnie Dundee (Sir Walter Scott)
  5. The Green Fields of Tyroll (traditional)
  6. Lady Whisky (Herbertson)
  7. Crossing to France Set (traditional):
       Dever the Dancer/Andrew Carr
  8. The Green Eye of the Yellow God (Hayes)
  9. Hearts of Glory (Herbertson)
10. Hopes and Memories (Westerdale):
       Memories of Vatersay/Waiting for Becky/
       Jim the Juggler
11. The Gloaming Hour (Herbertson)
12. The Old Football (Hayes)
13. The Flowers o' the Forest (traditional)

All songs and tunes can be downloaded » here «.


Hearts of Glory

The UK "Indie" Top 20 single!

  1. Hearts of Glory [4:37]
  2. The Hearts Song [3:10]
  3. The Old Masters Set [3:36]
  4. Loch Lomond [4:14]

All songs and tunes can be downloaded » here «.

Fiddle & Feet


Time to Dance

10 great pieces of traditional fiddle music and step dancing

  1. The Gallowglass/Gravel Walks
  2. Half Past Four
  3. Coilsfield House
  4. Cluck Ol' Hen
  5. King of the Pipers/Wedding Jig
  6. Boats up the River
  7. Cotton-Eyed Joe/Boatman
  8. Crossing to Ireland
  9. Marchioness of Huntly/Dusky Meadows/Lady Glenorchy
10. Arkansas Traveller

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